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she came on a Sunday

left on a Wednesday

it wasn’t like it was a special day


she liked leaves

and maybe be leaving too

come to think of it


when it’s time to go

let ‘er go

ears against the wind

flipped inside out

the way they should be


Postscript, if there is such a thing: My beloved beagle, Poppy, has been missing since last Wednesday. She had been playing and running, a delightful sight for a seven-year-old nap-centric dog who’d had cancer (twice!) on one of her legs and an affinity for eating foods deemed “The Most Fatal Foods For Dogs.”  The wind in her ears, mouth stretched into a smile, she ran toward me before psyching me out and turning the other way. She trotted off and that was the last I’ve seen of her.

Being in an ambulance is a lot like being in hell
or on a forgotten subway
moving through the outskirts of Chicago

At the ER, they will confirm your status
living and dying, living but dying, living or dying, living while dying
it’s only a matter of conjuctions

Later, you’ll wonder if it ever really happened
brain attack-sickness or nearly catastrophic disease or headache
did it ever happen syndrome

The bills will serve as tangible proof you were there.

You were there.

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