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Put your gun and your love down

Oh, ye of lyrical greatness

Evident are your witticisms in the threadbare bear,

The great Whimsical Experience that was your postsecondary education


Come to you

Graceless, without cause, without merit, to

Revisit the past and the present

In filtered lines and words


I thought you’d like to know
that this Dayquil
is making me tic like
It’s like the ticking of yesteryear.

Best not ask if She speaks
You never know what She might say or when or who She might
Never mind the look, a glimmer from some old, beaten
Else you strike the match

If I wished at all
I would not wish you well
I’d wish for hell
For you to burn
And turn fitful
In your waking and night dreams

I’d wish for your demise
That if you couldn’t be happy with me
You couldn’t be happy at all
I’d wish for your joy to be extinguished
Your life to be hollow and barren
Your days to be filled with endless time and questions

I’d wish you dead
On the inside
On the other side
Where I was forbidden to go
Cast out
I’d wish
If I wished at all

The walls are vacant
The laughter has died
All, all the gray has left a putrid residue of black
The Abyss has opened up and swallowed us all whole

I was crazy once
The birds flew around my head
Nested in my hair
I laughed
Ha Ha
He He
You made me like this
You made me insane
Ha Ha
He He
The peptwat inside screams
Sounds like a little old lady in heat
Time ticks slowly, quickly
I look for you
Long gone
Know you are the one who’s insane
Just wish they’d make shampoo
That would drive bluejays out

Settle in your new chair
At your new computer
At your new desk
Into your new hairdo
Your new clothes
Your new friends
Your new life
And know you’re your same old self
And you will forever burn
For what you’ve done

Brush my toes
Paint my eyes
Kiss my knee
Screw my neck

I’ll lick your knee
Kick your eyebrow
Cut your freckles
Lift your tongue

We’ll bark for fury
Rhyme the screams
Steal a happymeal
Dream la basura

SOB with me

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