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And so it comes to this, dear readers. My book has a new title. “Autopornography” is apparently the title of another book. So I have elected to change it to “Sob” for clear and obvious reasons. The clear and obvious reasons being that sobbing is a passion and a hobby. And thankfully, I have so much to sob for.

Book will be out in August via Sibling Rivalry Press. You can check out the SRP site at

there will be no licking of my dead toes
I hope
I have the exact opposite of a foot fetish
and would prefer socked or brown house-shoed feet
unless I’ve recently had a pedicure
but still please no licking
if that’s alright with you

I’d be happy to be dead and gloomy for all eternity with you, dearest dark one
though I hope there’s a smoke-free section in hell
since I have terrible allergies

SOB with me

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