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my heart is going
slowly now
it gave a good go of it
beating and all
those moments of bitter retreat
ebb and flow of blood
coming in and out of spite
slowly now
the organ is engorged
swollen, dying of itself
pumping painfully
ruefully spasming
giving a good go of it
slowly now

I haven’t tagged my posts in a while
I don’t want to be found
I don’t want to be found out

If I lay in wait
I will wait in lies
Because I never remember which is correct
Lie or lay
So I lie or lay
And am laying or lying
One of the two

An ending to something not exquisite
Seems inappropriate
But three stanzas seems fair
And maybe it’s just enough to lull the audience
Into comments positive, if undeserving

I told my stylist
Cut my hair
Get rid of the afterthoughts
The strays and the grays
Make me shine
I like to look new
Even if I’m used
All used up
Split ends that end up dead
Uneven lines and uneven psyches
Cut my hair
I told my stylist
To which he replied
Are you sure?

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