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her vital signs were at 50%
which is 100% not compatible with life
her oxygen level was at 84% and falling
16% less air to breathe than us

Since there were 10 siblings, each is worth .10
she was proceeded in death by 40% of her children
6 more .10’s left to die and I’m 100% glad she won’t be here to see them

A year ago
We were the apple of their eyes
Blissfully festering in the corners
Pretending to be shadows without substance
Floaters becoming unavoidable and brash blotches
Eye whites smeared yellow and veined

Aunt Ty died years ago. I did not witness her death but I witnessed her dying. Aunt Jackie and Aunt Celia, in that order, were the next closest kin who watched Ty suffer. Now they are all dead. I’m the only one who remembers and there’s something devastating about that. At Aunt Ty’s funeral, everyone was grieving properly, crying quietly, nodding yes to the preacher who spoke well of her even though he didn’t know her. And at the end, there were terrible choked sobs that broke out. They were my sobs, bitter and miserable. Then there was a collective intake of breath and they all joined in, sobbing as they rightfully should have, assuring me I was not alone.

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