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My publisher has notified me in writing that I am contractually obligated to say I did a reading (a little ditty called Pub or Perish) on Sunday that corresponded with the Arkansas Literary Festival. Rumor has it I did not perish.

Thank you to the menfolk who made that reading (and writing) possible. Except for the one manfolk for whom I have no affection and who will remain nameless because I’m still pissed. It’s only been 3 or 4 years.

And so it comes to this, dear readers. My book has a new title. “Autopornography” is apparently the title of another book. So I have elected to change it to “Sob” for clear and obvious reasons. The clear and obvious reasons being that sobbing is a passion and a hobby. And thankfully, I have so much to sob for.

Book will be out in August via Sibling Rivalry Press. You can check out the SRP site at

SOB with me

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