My best prospect at the moment is in Japan. This other guy fell through. Here are the highlights: yesterday, he took his friend, Roy, to the ENT doctor to get his stitches out, went to Walmart, and was over at Roy’s house when he called. He likes chess, he minimized what a feat it was for me to install new phone jacks (“it’s not hard”), he made assumptions about my career, he reads manuals on construction, he majored in philosophy (which made me sick to my stomach, I was like, “oh I never really liked the theory classes I had to take,” to which he then said, “well, you know it’s in my nature to question things.” Which implies I’m a mindless member of the herd.) I’m telling you the ones that don’t ask for your number are weird. He seemed disappointed that I wouldn’t go out to see a band with him last night. I’m pretty sure he could be the one who dismembers me, because he’s very logical and very monotone. Serial killer-esque, if you will. I was bored stiff about 5 minutes in. It was relentless. I finally told him I was out the door, going to a friend’s house.