I’ve never met this guy and I never will. He offends me to the core. Repusively country. When a dating service asks you what your interests are, they mean what interests do you have that you can share with your future beloved. They do not mean, do you like to go muddin and huntin and fishin with your children/friends. They mean, you are looking for a date, right? One is supposed to announce that one loves movies, games, have a drink here and there, art, watching martial arts. When a dating service asks you to introduce yourself, they do not mean tell us about how you’re a laid-back guy, looking for a nice woman, who likes, for the record, muddin and huntin and fishin. They do not mean for you to repeat your interests in two different sections of your profile. They do not mean that you need to announce that describing yourself is hard to do but you’ll give it a try. One is supposed to say that one is funny, has a great sense of humor, is responsible, and would like a woman that is the same. I’ve never met this guy and I never will. For all his profile transgressions, there is one I can never ever forgive: his height at 5’4. No need to comment on my stuck-up-ness. I’m mean.