Tiny snowflake tears make me want to vomit joy.

That’s close to a pleasant thought I had the other day.

Dear readers, I have missed you. I’m not feeling profound or witty or particularly inspired, but Bryan says the show must go on.

I will give you tidbits of information because I know you enjoy bulleted lists as much as I do:
• I have a partner in instability and to that person I say, stability is soooo passé.
• I’m back to reading Stephen King because he’s very comforting to me. The Dark Tower: the Gunslinger.
• I wear a black toboggan with a snowflake puff on the top both indoors and outdoors these days. Keeps my crazy contained. It’s also cold as fuck.
• I met a guy who was PERFECT for me. Until I said Howdy-do. But then he came back around. I didn’t answer one phone call and he blocked me from texting him. So I’m back to keeping myself occupied with men who are not perfect for me in any way.
• 31 seems like a good age to be. 30 was not. 2009 was not a good year.