I received a prestigious award (some sort of Lovely Blogger thing) from Bindo, who is my male poetic twin. We wallow together and that takes effort.

I don’t like the word “lovely” in this case. I shall rename my awards as Motherfucking Good Blog Awards.

  • Bryan Borland. Friend and Pseudo-Foe. His words are possibly the love of my life.
  • B.R. Belletryst. A poet bursting with potential who sometimes forgets that.
  • 1writegirl. Honesty, vulnerability, and humor are the shit.
  • Val Russell. No bullshit, a hard ice edge that can slowly be melted.
  • Paul Squires. Beautiful prayers that move my soul.
  • Bindo. I like it raw and dark. A blog that feels like home.
  • Patrice. Reminds me art is beautiful in all forms.
  • Paul Russell. Delicacy incarnate.
  • Jessie Carty. North Carolina and you have a good harmony going on.
  • Uncle Tree. Wisdom with a good dose of humor.
  • The Mess Pot. You make me hungry. What’s for dinner?
  • mariana. Philosophical you.
  • Savage Chickens.
  • Fuck You, Penquin.