On Tragedy

…a haiku by poeticgrin, 8/18/04


Weed in a taco

Broken swings, asses, and dreams

Satan’s spawn inside




…not sure if poeticgrin or I wrote this one. It sort of sounds like me, but it’s on Bryan’s b-day, 7/30/96


Sinking deeper and deeper


The sand fills my mouth


Choking my screams


But I am not shrieking, screaming for anyone (except you)

No one would bear the bluntness of my harmful blow


I’d knock you over (WOP!)

Lecture me of right and wrong


What does it matter in the armpits of my hell?


So I’m drowning in the dry earth that bore me


Seems appropriate, though I’m not sure I agree


There is no hope on which I could lay the truth


So I shall die and rot with it




Lil Bit of Moonshine

…medicatedlady, 8/27/95 


There is no halfway


You can’t cheat a dream


No way, no more, nothing you can say


Work is harder than it seems



Truth is a wonder


There’s all the rhyme and reason in the world


No lies, no time to slumber


Just you, me, and perhaps little





*(Pearl from The Scarlet Letter)