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Found a new calorie calculator online. The computer calculated. I need to reduce my intake to 1759 cal or 1421 (without exercise) in order to lose weight. I recalculated. I know better than to starve myself but alas, it’s 5 p.m. and my calorie count of the day is 535. My head aches and I feel a little light-headed. So, I am going to eat chicken for dinner. 400 calories worth. I am going to drink myself into a Coke Zero oblivion and you, dear reader, can’t stop me.

Rating: Success (At least I’m not binging and purging)

I always thought I was better than you.
I am going to get thinner to get back at you.

It doesn’t even out but comes close
meaning I came close
meaning I almost came
close but not quite

You are not a stallion, pony-boy.
A hard body with a soft little puddin’ mind.

It doesn’t even out or even come close.

SOB with me

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