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he can’t let go
because he needs it as much as you do
he’s just a bigger chickenshit than you
I mean that as a compliment
we’re all chickenshits
at least you have the decency to admit it
at least you can admit it

he can’t let go
because he knows he needs you
but is not worthy
he’s a bigger asshole than he imagines you can accept
as if your tolerance of “friends” and “hanging out”
instead of “couple” and “dating”
means nothing

he can’t let go
because he’s a needy little bitch
the biggest by far
he can’t call it what it is
and you overlook it
because what else are you going to do
you can’t throw out the trash
until you are absolutely sure it’s rotting
maybe that smell is normal

My ex-boyfriend asked
          How is the world treating you these days?
My ex-boyfriend said
          I have no affection to give you.

So when my new boyfriend says
          I have a headache.

I do not say
          I’m sorry, honey.
I do not say
          Is there something I can do to make you feel better?
I do not say
          I will take care of you.

I say
          Oh really.
I say
          You should probably take something for that.

In an effort to reconcile his true feelings
with the rules of genteelism
he told her he would love to go with her to the Department Store.

He walks down the aisles
diligently attentive
knowing aisles are more than aisles
and isles are more than isles
he doesn’t like either very much.

So they spent winter in the Tropics
while he dreamed of wheat and farms
the sweet, welcoming smell of manure
welcoming because it’s honest
and it’s been a while.

So they spent the spring in the Alps
where he dreamed of sweaty Southern sunsets
and he told her
perhaps we should lunch at the Café on the Corner.


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