Dear Most Precious Reader,

Now that I’ve gone public, outed myself on my site here, will I ever get a date? This is the question I have as I plug my site shamelessly to whomever I make eye contact with or whomever I feel needs to know the moodkill of my writing. Should I not have spoken my mind about the menz I dated, or wanted to date, or did not under any circumstances want to date? Look, dear reader, what I’m trying to ask really is if you will date me. Well?

Yesterday, I went walking with some co-workers. I didn’t have the best shoes but they were tennis shoe slip-ons. I figured it’d be okay since we weren’t running. Wrong. A third of my feet have gargantuan blisters that HURT and dear reader, I was wondering if you could fetch me some Neosporin and bandaids. Well?

With all the sincerity I can muster,
Medicated Lady (aka Loria)