I have nothing to wax poetic about today. So. A bulleted list is in order.

Things one can do to pass time:

  • Go on a work trip to DC. Spend 16 hours a day for four days with the children. Wear the wrong shoes. Do nothing that fun.
  • Go to Florida to visit a friend. Get third degree burns.
  • Become irate at Bryan for his various betrayals, such as not speaking to me the whole time he was in NYC.
  • Commence with scandalous online dating.
  • Buy bottles and bottles of ibuprofen to use on your inflamed knee. Disregard ulcer risks.
  • Plan two months in which you are not home…ever…so you can get burnt out all the time.
  • Worry about your dog getting back at you for being gone so long…when is she going to strike and poo in the house. When???
  • Poof your hair, shake it out.
  • Think way too hard about the U.S. Census and why it doesn’t ask for more information.
  • Watch lost Netflix movies.
  • Pet your dog.
  • Think fondly of your dear readers.