I loved her
She deserves my grief
but I can’t give it her
I don’t feel grief

when you die they all say that’s just awful justly awful awfully just

Bryan has decreed I must do an open mic night soon. I have no opposition other than it’s intimidating. Or it would be if I felt anything.

the skin of the dead does not take to makeup well. pores no longer absorb moisture, leaving a dried mud look, not quite in good taste.

I think my dog could use company. She likes other dogs. She likes people. So she needs me to get another dog and another boyfriend.

I feel that gaining weight is the death of dating. I keep remembering big fat Eva-dog at the shelter but now I am suspicious of why she’s heavy. Probably a pituitary gland tumor, maybe malignant. I wonder if Poppy would mourn her one-on-one time with me.

Thanks all for your well-wishes.