Boy says “hi” to girl. Girl says “hi” back. Boy retreats, so girl (with some chemical confidence) solicits boy (Hey you, where’d you go?). Boy replies his life is “GREAT!!!!” (he does not elaborate) and that he’s “kind of been doing [his] own thing. [He] studies and reads a lot.” Boy asks girl how she is. Girl doesn’t know what to say because she’s not sure why boy responded if he’s trying to tell her he is no longer into dating, girls, or dating this girl. Also, girl is highly suspicious of anyone who says life can be “GREAT!!!!” So girl just emails back and tells him she is an astronaut (boy is in the Air Force so boy should be duly impressed) and out of curiosity, just what is he reading? She also expresses her confusion with his response in a subtle way he will never pick up on. She anticipates waiting a while for a response. If girl is lucky, boy will turn into the jerk of her dreams. Girl thinks she has fallen yet again for a tall man in a pilot suit. Sigh, and a dreamy one at that.

Girl likes the rain. Girl could go for some thunder and salt.

 Girl considers a nap and dreaming of poeticgrin’s home cookin’ she will have tomorrow.