As yet


which is a problem

because before I was categorically appalled.


I fear my stance might be right-wing.

I fear my stance, if I look too closely, might be inhumane.

I fear my stance might make me a bad person.


In my heart

I believe in torture.

Torture is a way of life.

No one is innocent.

Anyone who cannot torture themselves

needs to be taught a lesson.


Self-inflicted, otherwise, seems just for the soul.

Most people are strong enough to suffer alone

anyway in their own minds.



But those who torture outside of themselves

I wish them the same and worse.

I wish them suffering and comprehensible pain of every kind.

I wish their blood to bleed as they watch their friends scream

animalistic cries of the wounded and damned.

I wish for them to know the inevitable and fear.


As yet


that I truly have a wish of agony

that I believe there are those deserving

because before I was categorically appalled.