Forgive me for being an asshole

but honestly

this country was built on bullshit.


Living and dying for an idea


Living and dying for a concept


Living and dying for nothing…


Patriotism. Belief in a war and your country is proof that you have been conditioned, your mind reprogrammed, and your self destroyed for the benefit of your government and/or your need to be righteous (or have an illusion of it).


Forgive me

I’m being an asshole

Because I believe in peace

Peace is an intangible


Something to live and die for


I live and I sometimes die for


of mind



Righteousness. I’m not sure how it happened but I suddenly find myself no better than anyone else, even conservatives. I have fought and struggled for liberty from and for myself, from and for my mind, convinced in my mission and unwavering in my conviction. I’m not sure how it happened but somewhere along the way I’ve become an ordinary asshole who instead of being enlightened is simply pretentious.