This day is going better than yesterday because


  • I do not have to go to the dentist.
  • I have not locked myself out of my car (yet).
  • I am planning to eat all day so as not to get so hungry and stay within my point range for Weight Watchers.
  • Although my gums are swollen and sore from dental work yesterday, it does not appear as though I’m dipping a golf ball size of chew.
  • It’s super cloudy out.
  • I haven’t fallen asleep for hours when I supposed to be at work.
  • My TB skin test hasn’t turned a horrible purple from the nurse poking too deep. Instead it’s slightly red and basically not noticeable.
  • The woman who scheduled my root canal for tomorrow morning was pleasant. When I called back to be sure that laughing gas was available, she said that it was and not to worry so much.
  • I was not late for work today.
  • I have four oranges that I can eat today at work.
  • My toast was tasty. Actually, it was tasty yesterday, too.
  • I don’t feel as though I want to give up and say fuck it and go to bed at 7 p.m.


Pros and Cons Anticipated for Thursday:



          Tooth taken care of.                

  Getting hair did.                        

          TB test results.              

          It’s toward the end of    

                   the week.

          It’s supposed to rain.    



          A fucking root canal.

          Fucking paying to get hair did.

          Finding out I have fucking TB.

          It’s not Friday.

          There are no cons to rain.