Dear Readers,


I have found LOVE. TRUE LOVE.


It all has happened so quickly. It’s whirlwind of romance.


See, this guy flaked out on me but then said he was interested and then flaked out on me again, but today, TODAY, he has emailed twice and left a voicemail explaining his dog was ill, he was out of town, he was exhausted after his trip and had to sleep all day yesterday and last night. He even said these things really happened and that he wasn’t making excuses.


My heart is rejoicing.


His grandmother probably also died. And he was probably really busy buying an emergency supply of paperclips. And he probably really needed to trim his nails.


Bryan says he’s just my type.


I am so grateful. Remember the one who left the country without telling me?  Or the one who waited until we were going to sleep to tell me he had no affection to give me? Well, three time’s the charm. Rarely does one find love once, ONCE, but I have been lucky enough to find in several times!!! I am blessed.


I just wanted to share with you all my happiness!


Medicated Lady