It helps to remember it’s a numbers game. Not the way my friend, Bryan, counts numbers, adds them together, until they equal something calming to his brain. Instead, one has to remember that statistically speaking, the odds are against you anyway.


Writing is a skill. The more you do it, the better you become. Still, it’s also something more, especially if you are exploring yourself creatively. Chances are, most of what you writes is crap, but sometimes, there’s something special. And anyway, what you write means something to you nearly every time. Which statistically, is astounding considering that many other things tend to be more unlikely to happen every time. Climax if you’re a woman, for example. Or finding a/the right sort in a sea of bad, not-right sorts.


It’s a toss of the coin everyday to try despite the odds. A 50-50 chance that I’ll perserevere. But the odds change all the time, from moment to moment. A favorable probability is likely to become an unfavorable outcome in a matter of seconds.


For this moment, I’m looking up.