I can’t do many things. Cook. Be on time. Regulate my moods. Reach the fire alarm to replace the battery should it need replacing. But I can:

  • Replace a faulty phone jack wih my bare hands and a screwdriver
  • Find a bargain on rugs at Lowe’s (also: light fixtures, sink fixtures)
  • Swiffer with the best of them
  • Feel content for a moment, feel satisfied with myself for a  moment
  • Buy a bargain BLING! ring at JCPenney’s
  • Be cheered up by my parents and grandmother
  • Text like I-don’t-know-whut
  • Survive a conference dinner tonight.

I don’t know about turning points or transitions because my road is uneven (as my therapist says) and a good day today means nothing in 10 minutes or two days. But I’m happy to be able to appreciate what I can do.

Also, if you’re a Barack Obama supporter, take heart. My grandmother of all people is voting for him because “he makes more sense than that John McCain.”