Another day, another medication. God bless. The good news: My kidneys are working. The other kind of news: they don’t know why I’m spiking. My eating and exercise habits haven’t been good, but it’s unlikely to be that since when those habits were good and I lost weight, it didn’t help much. And in any case, it’s not likely that it’s causing it to spike as high as it is, but it is important that I get back on track anyway. So feel free to ask what I’m eating on any given day, though I might be offended when you ask. Never mind. Ask me if I’ve exercised today. No one really knows what’s going on with me. They take two medications away and add another to see if it’ll help. Please note: I have not taken any decongestants or meth.


In other news, I hate having dreams about people I should hate. Especially when such dreams include getting “how are you?” texts that make me relieved to hear from said person and then I wake up and realize it’s just a dream.


Maybe it’s all just a dream. Like that season of Dallas when it turns out Pam was dreaming the whole time and Bobby really was alive afterall.