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a return to form says the review in the paper
as if today has a bearing on some yesterday long forgotten
the form is beside the point
the return a curse rewritten
something tired and already said
a return
a rerun
a curse rewritten and best left unread

a day of extended anxiety
“on” for the job
“on” for my class

and just for kicks
when I’m tired
to rest my head
a phone call
cancer is terminal
nothing the doctors can do

six months
twelve months
cancer is a carnival worker
smiling to my family, leering at them
a two for one special
and if you’re really nice
a third for free

My muscles aren’t just tired, my bones are tired. A twelve-hour workday will do that. I’m being evaluated by an outside evaluator. Aren’t they always outside? He doesn’t seem to be malignant. 

I am going to bed in 42 minutes. Whether certain people with English monikers call or not. I will not give another man an advantage over me again. Or least not today.

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