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My poems Patio Gas Can and Since the Day I Was Born will be published in the 10th issue of Breadcrumb Scabs Magazine, one issue after Bryan Borland makes his debut in the same. Why can’t I ever be first? This is just like the time he won the creative writing award in Mrs. Matheny’s class.

I’m activating Bryan’s password-protection strategy on published poems, which is to say Bryan is password-protecting parts of this blog, which is to say even I won’t have access to it.

A reassurance: I promise to the broken-hearted friends of his Shake site, Poeticgrin will be back. Actually, he’s not going anywhere. He’s still writing and will continue to share his work with all of us in the future. I am quite happy Bryan is receiving the accolades he deserves. Also, there are so many talented writers who blog regularly that maybe we should take his lead and light fires  under our own asses to get published, too.

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