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No shit. This is the whole of my love life.


Nerdy military guy (NMG): Wink

ML: wink

ML: where you be?

NMG: I been reading. My life is GREAT!

ML: Oh

(long, long pause as ML contemplates the greatness of NMG’s life)

ML: Whatche reading?

NMG: Reading bout ‘Nam

ML: Sweet. I like death.

NMG: Call me if you get bored.

ML: Okay, I’ll call you soon. BTW, you know my given name isn’t my screen name, “sassyso-and-so,” right? Are you interested in my real name?

NMG: Okay.

Update: NMG sends me the most intimate text I’ve ever gotten…”hi” Like, we’re so close that we don’t need punctuation or more than one-syllable words anymore. LOVE is Good!

This is how it’s destined to go.


You’ll be a little stale

but crunchy and sweet

You’ll leave an aftertaste

that demands more of you

I’ll open you up almost immediately

and spill your contents forth

I’ll pull my hair back

lick my lips

take a bite

roll you around in my mouth

savoring your taste

and finally

swallow you down

I remember what you said about falling in love before I knew what was happening.


New loves

without embodiment

aside from my imagination.


The most fulfilling part

of dreaming

is before you wake up.


Let me sleep for a bit longer.

SOB with me

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