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it was trendy
could be pasted from a copy
no longer

a font is an expression
of the soul
any font you can create
should be readily used forthwith
pasted from a copy
or better yet
typed in time, real time
now time

I think my issue with men may be that I examine the periphery too much and don’t focus on the core of the person. You want to know why I like this one guy? 1) He’s tall, and 2) He uses Bookman Old Style as his email font of choice. I think he probably cuts and pastes from a word document into email. I love this font, and I am appreciative of others who enjoy it. Especially since no one uses it much these days. I have no idea what this guy does, in what way(s) he might dismember me, or what his personality is like outside of who he creates online. Still, height and font are the ways to my heart, apparently, and I could get behind a tall jerk any day.




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