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How I’d like to be a Republican
doing God’s work
fighting for the cause

in love
I’d like to be George W.
transparent intelligence
make the course, stay the course
the exit strategy is there is no exit
only submission is possible

I could be leader of the free and righteous world
Women as Christians
Men as Muslims
battling out
the war against terror conquered by tyranny
we will prevail, my sisters
come bloodshed, theirs and ours,
no matter—

the cause is just

It’s a goddamned shame.

A single drip of pink nail polish wham-bam in the middle of your perfectly manicured nails, painted in a whitish-topcoat.

Because what happens now has everything to do with smearing.

Get the acetone. Get the q-tips. Get the cotton balls. Get what you can.

It won’t matter.

Perfection won’t be perfection any longer.

Vanity will win out, of course, but.

Maybe it’s just as well to leave the pink to fade and blanch.

Maybe it’s just as well to leave it be, let it bond in torturous rapture, until you no longer rebel against the idea.

Pink is all in your head, anyway.

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