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My ex-boyfriend asked
          How is the world treating you these days?
My ex-boyfriend said
          I have no affection to give you.

So when my new boyfriend says
          I have a headache.

I do not say
          I’m sorry, honey.
I do not say
          Is there something I can do to make you feel better?
I do not say
          I will take care of you.

I say
          Oh really.
I say
          You should probably take something for that.

when the temperature is low is it cold for everyone else I’m susceptible to dehydration ant bites fainting light-headedness allergies hypochondria sadness dry skin picking men who are not good for me good humor plump lips squinty eyes being ensnared height jokes ageism ticking you

In a way

Neither of us can explain

My mother is cold

Not just to the touch

SOB with me

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